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The Canada eTA Visa

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An eTA (electronic Travel Authority) is the entry requirement which is new for the visa-exempt foreign nationals who are travelling to Canada by means of air which is linked electronically to the passport. An authorization is usable for 5 years or until a traveler’s passport expires. The valid Canada eTA will facilitate the entry to the country of Canada.

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When you reach at the border, the border services officer may ask to see the passport or the travel documents and then ask you some questions. The officer may then decide whether you may enter to Canada. To make the application for the Canada eTA visa through their website you’re required the valid passport, credit card and email address.

Many visitors are allowed the maximum of six-month stay. The border services officers at a port of the entry determines how long you will stay in Canada during your arrival and then … Read More

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Where Can I Apply for an Oman Visa?

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Entry conditions and documentation vary between countries. In some cases, a tourist visa can be obtained upon arrival in a foreign country, but still acquiring the appropriate visa before traveling is highly recommended. For instance, the Sultanate of Oman has stopped issuing visas among tourists upon arrival since February 2019.

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Travelers who would love to visit Oman must first obtain a visa before entering the country unless they’re from one of the visa-exempt counties. Citizens of the nations belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, may travel to Oman without visa limits. If you aren’t from those countries, chances are you need to apply for a tourist visa.

Fortunately, tourists can now conveniently apply for a visa online. Since the Sultanate of Oman wants to improve its tourism further, several changes about Oman Evisum requirements were made in 2018.  … Read More

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Helpful Itinerary if You are Visiting Canada For the First Time

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Planning a trip to North America is indeed exciting. Canada ETA Application has been made easy for everyone who dreams of visiting the countries in the north. There would be an absolute joy knowing that it is convenient and easy to apply.

Once you were able to, it is time to think of the places you are to visit in Canada. To give you ideas, here are some you can consider:


If you love the outdoors, Vancouver is the best place to visit and add to your itinerary. There are also plenty of cultural charms you can see in the city. It picturesque sceneries can leave you breathless. Skiing is also a favorite activity to do especially during the winter season.

For art buffs, there are also plenty of museums in Vancouver that you may want to add to your list. Outdoor markets like Granville Island is one of … Read More