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5 Things To Know Before Starting A Bike Ride In New York City


If you’ve ever been to Manhattan, then you must have an inkling of how bicycle riding is important, convenient and therefore a popular means of shuttling–whether you do it as a means of transportation or for exercise and enjoyment.

“Cycling is good for your health, it’s affordable and most importantly, it allows you to make most of the beautiful, breathtaking Manhattan surroundings,” said Jennifer Li of Bike Rental Central Park.

But before you go cycling in and around New York City, there are specific, very important preparations you’ll need to carry out. Here are five things you’ll need to prepare and know prior to your bike no matter where it is.

1.Find A Reputable Bike Renting Business

Most bicycles you see up and down the busy streets of Manhattan are in fact rented. Renting is way cheaper and much more convenient compared to purchasing, and therefore is the best option especially if you are just visiting.

“Make sure it has a large fleet of well-maintained bikes–and not just one type but many,” said Li,  “The company should also provide additional–and important–items like helmets and locks–as part of the bike rental, not as an extra charge! Discounts and tour packages are always a good thing, too.”

  1. Prepare Your Itinerary

What attractions are on your bucket list?  Are you a history buff? An architecture aficionado? A nature enthusiast? A water baby?

“The wonderful thing about NYC is that there’s something for everyone,” said XXX, “for instance, if you love to travel to foreign lands, you can do it right here just by traveling to a multicultural neighborhood like, say, Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy of The Bronx.”

Other sites include:

  • The Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue at 34th Street, a 102-story, Art Deco-style skyscraper
  • The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, steps away from One World Trade Center
  • Top of The Rock Observation Deck, Rockefeller Center
  • The Federal Hall, an historic building located at 26 Wall St.
  • The African Burial Ground National Monument, a national landmark and place that “free” and enslaved Africans were allowed to bury their dead during the 1600s until 1794, located at 290 Broadway
  • Stone Street, in the heart of the Financial District and the first paved street in Manhattan
  • The High Line, an urban oasis built in Chelsea in an area once occupied by the now-defunct Penn Central Railroad

The possibilities are endless.

  1.  Know Where You Can Stop For A Quick, But Necessary, Bite To Eat

Rigorous cycling – which is a great cardio exercise by the way – can also create a rumbling stomach, so know where you make those necessary stops for a quick bite to rejuvenate your energy reserves is very, very important.

Before embarking on your fascinating journey in New York on your rented saddle, you’d want to find a good, affordable place to eat.

Thankfully, New York is a renowned culinary hub of sorts. In every corner to look, there will always be a bistro or a burger joint open and booming with business. Some of the places you can stop and grab a quick, affordable bite include The Bowery Grand Hotel, The Cambria Hotel New York Time Square, The Q4 Hotel, Hotel Pennsylvania And Explore Hotel and Hostel.

You can visit their respective websites and have a glance at their virtual ala carte and make your choice.

  1. Shop For Appropriate Cycling Attire

One way of preparing for your bike ride is by either purchasing or renting some nice, fitting cycling attire for both your safety and convenience.

Nothing is worse than shivering through a chilly day or evening–or sweltering in the sun.

It’s also pretty bad when your shoes keep slipping out of the pedals or your pants get stuck in the spokes.

A quick visit to Mr. G’s Sports Shop, Paragon Sports, and Columbia Sportswear can have all your cycling attire problem sorted for just a couple of bucks.

Just because riding a bike in Manhattan is exciting, it shouldn’t exempt you from taking your sweet time and adequately preparing for it.

“ In fact, those who prepare adequately for their bike rides, “ added XXX, “ are the ones who end up enjoying the whole experience altogether.”

5.. Go Over The Manhattan Traffic Laws

As we’ve already established, cycling in New York can be very fun and incredibly convenient. But you know what else can be fun and incredibly convenient? Understanding and abiding by the New York traffic laws.

Just because it is easier to meander through traffic without emitting greenhouse gases while on your rented bike doesn’t mean you are automatically exempt from obeying the New York traffic laws.

For instance, it is important to note that listening to your favorite music while riding with both your ears covered by earbuds is a criminal offense in New York. This means that the only way you’ll get to enjoy your Justin Bieber is by plugging in one ear while keeping the other ear out for the incoming traffic.