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Four Reasons To See Lady Liberty Up Close


There is no other symbol of freedom and hope that is better suited to those ideas than the Statue of Liberty. Located on the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan, thousands of visitors arrive by boat every day.

“When you take a short cruise around New York Harbor, “ said Blair Nicole  of Liberty Cruise NYC, “you not only get to see Lady Liberty up close–but also all of the magnificent Manhattan skyline.”

There are four reasons why everyone should see this iconic landmark up close.

  1. Visitors of all ages can learn more about the statue and its history thanks to knowledgeable park rangers. Free guided tours of Liberty Island are offered on a daily basis and any visitor to the island can participate. The tour takes approximately 30 minutes and includes the history of the island. By interacting with the park rangers, visitors can get their questions answered and walk away with a lot more knowledge about an important piece of history. This knowledge includes the process of constructing the statue and moving it to the United States.
  1. Within the base of the statue lies its museum. This is also an interactive experience that includes an up close view of a centerpiece that is an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty’s glowing torch. Visitors are also treated to an up close view of a replica depicting the statue’s face. In addition to being able to see it they can touch the thin copper plates that the exterior of the statue is made of.

The museum also includes a glimpse of the internal cast iron beams that used to hold the statue together. Iron beams are no longer used, and visitors can see the new steel beams up close and even feel their texture. This allows visitors to see the width of the beams as well as how stable and strong they are.

The experience of touring the museum takes visitors through the timeline of the Statue of Liberty. It starts with the designs for the statue and then include facts and details about the process of building it, taking it apart, moving it from France to the USA and erecting it in the New York Harbor.

  1. While the original designer of the statue, Auguste Bartholdi, is long deceased, on select days of the week, visitors to Liberty Island can speak to him anyway. Thanks to an actor playing a role, visitors can get all of their burning questions answered. Dressed in authentic clothing from the period of time when Bartholdi lived and worked, Bartholdi carries with him the original blueprints for the statue, providing a thorough education on it to both child and adult visitors. While he is a wealth of information and history regarding the statue he is also camera ready for anyone who wants to snap a picture of him or even with him.
  1. Seeing Lady Liberty up close gives visitors to New York City an excellent reason to take a boat ride through the harbor. By booking a trip with Liberty Cruise NYC, visitors get the local perspective on the statue as well as view of Ellis Island, Governor’s Island and architectural notables such as the Verrazano Bridge (which connects Manhattan and Staten Island) and the Brooklyn Bridge (which, not surprisingly, connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. A boat ride through the harbor also includes views of One World Trade Center. On a clear day it is possible to get a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline that must be seen in order to be believed.

These are the reasons why visiting the statue is a must do activity while in the Big Apple. This is a once in a lifetime experience for many, and visitors arrive from all over the world to learn more about the statue and what she symbolizes. Seeing her up close is just one service provided by Liberty Cruise NYC. Visitors find their understanding of and appreciation for the statue in a way that is fulfilling.