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The Canada eTA Visa

An eTA (electronic Travel Authority) is the entry requirement which is new for the visa-exempt foreign nationals who are travelling to Canada by means of air which is linked electronically to the passport. An authorization is usable for 5 years or until a traveler’s passport expires. The valid Canada eTA will facilitate the entry to the country of Canada.

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When you reach at the border, the border services officer may ask to see the passport or the travel documents and then ask you some questions. The officer may then decide whether you may enter to Canada. To make the application for the Canada eTA visa through their website you’re required the valid passport, credit card and email address.

Many visitors are allowed the maximum of six-month stay. The border services officers at a port of the entry determines how long you will stay in Canada during your arrival and then indicate in the passport a date that you are required to leave Canada. When you need to stay longer, you need apply for the extension for a minimum of 30 days before an authorized end of the stay.

It is very important that details provided for the Canada eTA visa applications are similar as they look in the passport. If you don’t hold the passport from the given eligible countries, you can’t apply for the eTA online. You may be eligible for applying the other types of the visas directly with the Canadian Visa office.

So as to complete the Canada eTA visa application, you’re required to provide the biographic information, for example the name, place of birth, date, gender, address, nationality passport number and marital status. You can also be required to answer some simple background questions so as to determine whether you come to the country of Canada. For instance, you can be asked about the current job and the amount of money you have for the visit to Canada together with whether you have any issues of medical condition.

Canada eTA is typically processed and then approved with the confirmations issued which is within twenty-four hours. Depending on time, the passport information and the application are submitted where it may take upto 72 hours. While many Canada eTAs visa can be given in less than twenty-four hours, others may take long time to process. In the smaller cases, more information can be required before an application is approved. You are then contacted through the email and then you are advised on the next steps which you will follow.